Nomon wall clock with Swarovski

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Nomon wall clocks with Swarovski. The modern wall clocks brand Nomon and the Swarosky crystals company have collaborated in the design of this brand’s wall clocks. They have selected the best selling table and wall clocks and have incorporated Swarosky crystals creating a wall clock with great visual appeal and exquisite design.

Reloj péndulo de Nomon Swarosky

Now Nomon and itswall clocks become luxury items with the combination in their modern watch designs an item like the crystals of the prestigious Swarosky brand.

Very soon in our shop online you can buy Nomon wall clocks with Swarosky crystals.

Detalle cristal Swarosky Nomon

A watch that will become a jewel, all the small crystals carved by hand will not go unnoticed

For now, the first wall clocks to expand the collection will be the Nomon pendulum clock and the Pisa table clock.