Clock OJ Pack 12 numbers of Nomon
  • Clock OJ Pack 12 numbers of Nomon
  • Clock Oj with 12 numbers of Nomon

OJ Pack 12 numbers clock

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OJ is a new concept of wall clock with 12 numbers. 80 cm diameter.

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
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Height of the numbers: 7 cm.

 OJ is a new wall clock concept, of avant-garde design and versatility. A minimalist and contemporary design.

It adapts to any space: home, offices and institutions (shops, receptions, restaurants, libraries, sports centers, schools, etc.)

Easy installation thanks to its adhesive points.

OJ is the most versatile, contemporary design of the market. An easy customization clock.

You will only have to choose the colour!

The packaging of the OJ is fun, innovative, colourful, cheerful and fresh.

It is a perfect gift.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: polystyrene.
  • Finish: black, white and red.
  • Size: 80 cm. diameter.
  • Mechanism: UTS (Germany).
N010 + PNM12 N
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Data sheet

Ø Diameter
80 cm.


OJ clock technical specification

Features and dimensions OJ clock from Nomon

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Download OJ clock from Nomon in 3D

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