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Axioma L Nomon wall clock

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Concept base clock with Nomon with lacquered hands.

Clock hands
From 10 to 15 days

Description Axioma L Nomon wall clock

If you have a weakness for the styles of decoration or with a base of natural materials this design is made especially for you. If it is not the case your design is so avant-garde and modern that the fact that its natural materials will only be an added value.

It has a diameter of 100cm although it does not have a ring and it is a wall clock that integrates in a minimalist way. How minimalist? Well, its installation is very simple since it can be adhered to the wall; in the case of surfaces that are not smooth, it is advisable to screw it in.

It is made of lacquered wood - a product of a controlled logging to not affect the environment -. The lacquered wood of the needles can vary being black red or white.

Take advantage of the color of the needles to make combinations with your furniture, whether it is dark-colored furniture or other decorations that have colors such as red or are bathed in white. As advice, place the Axiom L clock in a space that gives it prominence without overwhelming the wall with other decorations.

The clock is a good size and it is almost impossible for people not to notice it because it offers a curious and peculiar appearance. It is a very organized and elegant design made by hand and combines the minimalist with creativity as well as the use of technology to form a wall clock that stands out for its handmade touch. And due to that handmade touch there may be variations in the equipment so there will be no one exactly the same as yours.

The case is small and circular and the chromed steel gives a touch of shine to the design of the Nomon Axiom L Clock. Even the wooden hands have a minimal touch of steel at the base and clearly in the center to hold them with the box

Data sheet

Lacquered wood
Ø Diameter
100 cm.
Chromed steel
Clock Hands
Walnut wood black, white or red lacquering.