Wall clock model Puntos suspensivos 12 i Nomon
  • Wall clock model Puntos suspensivos 12 i Nomon
  • Steel clock model Puntos suspensivos with 12 time signals
  • Nomon steel clock
  • Nomon Steel Wall Clock

Puntos suspensivos 12 i Nomon wall clock

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A functional and esthetic clock with 12 time signal, perfect for kitchen, bathroom and studios.

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Description Puntos suspensivos 12 i Nomon wall clock

One of the most requested models on the market is this wall clock that is perfect for any type of home or office environment. It is quite compact. Its diameter is 50 centimeters and weighs 0 76 kilograms.

Its design is very original creative and its production in an artisanal way is very innovative. It comes in varied finishes with 4 or 12 hour markers that come in rectangular form. The needles and the box come in polished or chromed steel painted in red white or black. This modern wall clock has a UTS machinery made of quartz from Germany.

It works with batteries of 1 5 volts. It is manufactured by hand with an avant-garde design. It is a Nordic style adhesive clock ideal for houses with minimalist avant-garde design and especially the Nordic decorative elements predominate.

If you want, combine it with modern furniture. In addition to other accessories, it fits very well without unbalancing balancing contrasting spaces. It is easy to install and lacks electrical connections for operation.

You can hang up this design clock quickly, just mark the place where you will install it. Make a hole with the drill in the wall to adjust the template holder. Place it in the form of the time signals at 12 and one o'clock. Turn it 30 ¡ clockwise to match the hole you created to mark the previous values.

Mark the 2 o'clock point and repeat this procedure again to mark the rest of the hours until you reach 12 again. Remove the template and fix the clock case on the wall. Add the machinery housing and adjust the clock hands on time. This device comes with a two-year warranty that begins to be fulfilled once you buy and receive it.

The clock includes all the pieces that make up the spare parts. Don't think about it, this clock is the perfect accessory you were looking for, it offers an excellent quality / price ratio with a unique design and exclusive you will surprise all those who visit your home business or office.


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Ø Diameter
50 cm.
Chromed steel
Clock Hands
Polished Steel or painted in black, White and red.