OJ mini pack 12 numbers clock

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Adhesive OJ mini nomon clock of 50 cm with 12 numbers pack.

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MN010+PNM12 N
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Description OJ mini pack 12 numbers clock

The Nomon OJ mini Pack 12 numbers is one of the designs belonging to the Nomon plastic collection but this time with a diameter of 50 cm.This spectacular clock can be placed in any space due to its ease of installation.

It is a clock with a system of placement through an adhesive even its 12 hour numbers adhere to the wall. It has a small box that is connected to the needles in the center leaving the wall exposed to show only the clock numbers The Nomon OJ mini Pack 12 numbers clock is easy to understand since the large numbers are the second most striking size; the first detail is its transparency and minimalist design that inspires luxury and avant-garde style wherever you decide to place it.

This style however does not detract from the comfort of any environment where it is used.

Even if you don't believe it - or maybe you do - the accessories in each space bring a change of sensations in the environment: if the space is loaded if it's empty -therefore the place feels" cold "- or if It has whats necessary to cause comfort in a place.If you are in charge of an establishment this small clock will serve you greatly to bring originality and avant-garde as well as a useful decorative accessory.It is a decorative element that will enhance your brand image. p>

Its cost is accessible so you can even buy the three colors that are for sale: red white and black If you decide on a color what will remain is to adhere it to the wall you want and in minutes it will be ready. p>

Developed with quality raw materials, Nomon designs have the ability to adapt to various decorative styles such as the classic and nautical Nordic bohemian

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Ø Diameter
50 cm.
Clock Hands

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