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OJ Nomon wall clock

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OJ Nomon clock is an original adhesive wall clock, available in many colours. Diameter 80 cm.

  • Azul acero
  • Blanco
  • Calabaza
  • Gris
  • Mostaza
  • Negro
  • Plata
  • Verde ultramarino
  • Rojo
  • Rosa
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Description OJ Nomon wall clock

A wall clock tends to resemble its owner. Its design, color and resolution, the style of the one who placed it in that precise place and that's why the frequent alternatives are so varied.

When the wall clock you need meets many of the characteristics of your personality as a taste for the minimalist innovative trends and a lot of originality the option is undoubtedly the Nomon OJ Clock.

The OJ is a true designer clock that declares to all visitors what your style represents. That's why it is ideal for modern floors because it adds a great dose of excellence to the environment. The Nomon OJ Clock is the perfect complement to the decoration of various areas of your home because you can combine it with both modern furniture and Nordic style furniture too.You can also place it in a small room the kitchen or the main room or for the little ones in the house as well as in various types of restaurants establishments art galleries advertising agencies or a room for private meetings. You can even use a small dining area to decorate it with this unique, easy-to-install adhesive clock.

The Nomo OJ Clock n is the most tangible demonstration that in recent years placing a wall clock in a privileged space has become a firm trend not so much for its practical use as its solid decorative potential Thanks to this design clock has rescued the practical and ornamental element of this type of device that years ago had fallen into oblivion to now become a factor that defines the personality of the exhibitor.

The great variety of colors of the OJ of Nomon its characteristics and its reasonable price makes it the most requested of modern wall clocks.


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Ø Diameter
80 cm.
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Features and dimensions OJ clock from Nomon

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