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Swing G Nomon wall clock

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Clock with pendulum made of wood and polished brass hands. Diameter 34 cm.

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Description Swing G Nomon wall clock

Among the fashionable and avant-garde watches offered by the Nomon brand, is the Swing G Wall Clock. It has an innovative design using dark tones of walnut and Gold needles. It is part of the Gold N collection that stands out for showing the elegance of home, while maintaining simplicity at all times. The combination of simplicity and elegance will go hand in hand with the decorative style of your home, establishment or office.

The use of wooden floors, furniture or dark sofas, or the decorative piece of your choice, will be enhanced in beauty and character. You should take into account the neutral color palette for the walls and thus know where to place it. The Swing G Watch by Nomon stands out for being one of those watches with wooden pendulum variations in its lower part.

American walnut wood is the star and main material of this work of are, in addition to its polished brass needles and gold-colored coating. The union of these elements allows you to combine it with others the decorative elements of your home, either in the living room or in the bedroom.

The design of this wall clock demonstrates character and glamor with its 34 centimeters in diameter and double-pointed needles. Along with this, the absence of time points gives a great mental exercise for anyone. Its polished brass needles will rotate with accuracy and continuity, offering a sense of calm and peace to your home. Do not wait any longer to have your Nomon Swing G Clock and give your home a radical change. Its 80 centimeters high will stand out on your main wall, and the environment will acquire an air of elegance and sophistication while maintaining the simplicity that only Nomon can offer you

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
34 cm.
Gold n
80 cm.
Clock Hands
Polished brass
Walnut wood

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