Nomon Swing i Wall Clock
  • Nomon Swing i Wall Clock
  • Nomon Swing i clock made of wood and metal

Swing i Nomon wall clock

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Clock with pendulum made of wood and polished steel hands. Diameter 34 cm.

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Description Swing i Nomon wall clock

Now you can style your home environment with a new wall clock with the pendulum in wood and needles in polished steel.

The Nomon Swing I clock will allow you to maintain an interior design that stands out for incorporating a delicate and simplistic soft touch no matter what room you are in. The comfort of this clocks design will go hand in hand with the simple and minimalist styles of any order lover.

The design of the Swing I clock is almost obvious by its name by mixing the movement of a wooden pendulum and polished metal with the support of a 34cm diameter clock.

The dimensions of this clock impress at the moment that the rod pendulum begins to oscillate below the circle of the solid wood clock with walnut finish. Don«t let its large size prevent you from enjoying a sense of tranquility due to the fact that his movement can be similar to a metronome hypnotizing whoever sees it.

To achieve this effect you will have to position it in the area with greater visibility in the room that you choose as the focal wall of your room or at the head of your bedroom. A good idea is to combine the purity of the Swing I clock with the Gipsy style as it offers comfort while maintaining the simplicity of nature's details.

Its color palette may be ideal for this clock because earth colors such as light green and dark terracotta brown are used. As long as you keep a comfortable style the Nomon walnut wooden clock will combine perfectly with your favorite style of decoration. You will complement the living room or the room you prefer to open a good topic of conversation with your friends or family and you can recommend other designs in the wide range of Nomon clocks.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
34 cm.
80 cm.
Clock Hands
Polished steel
Polished metal

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