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Doble O g Nomon wall clock

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Wall clock with diameter 70 cm. Steel-gilt-wenge.

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Description Doble O g Nomon wall clock

Large format clock composed of a double steel ring and wooden hands.

Another of its most important features are the golden details that appear at the junction of the two circles in their wall and needle fixation.

Large format wall clock.

Within the collection of wall clocks you will find jewels like the Nomon Double O G Clock. The dynamism of its structure will fit perfectly with your walls highlighting the furniture such as sofas and tables around.

This clock is a unique piece with an innovative design that will fit in any modern environment with exquisite symmetry and especially highly valued for order lovers. The charm hidden in this wall clock may be due to its double ring design in polished brass and steel where twelve points are marked representing the hours of the day in golden.

In addition, their union with each corner of the cardinal points, meaning hours three, six, nine and twelve respectively offer a cross-over with steel wire joints. The wonder of the modern Glam style will make your Double O G Wall Clock stand out for its glamourous gold and silver combinations.

So that you can use this style in its entirety you should concentrate your bright furniture and decorations in a focal point leaving the Nomon Clock as a centerpiece. Black furniture porcelain vases and mesons with golden edges will give you a great advantage .

It is the perfect gift for that friend who likes bright and elegant ornaments or a familiar collector of the Nomon wall clocks Gold N models. It is undoubtedly the most elegant decorative clock you can have in your living room and that will open the way to great talks about the elegance that is in your home. The inspiration of the name lies in its double ring of 70 centimeters in diameter its dark wenge its brass needles and the imposing and majestic chromed steel case as it should be on a Nomon OG Double Clock.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
70 cm.
Gold n
80 cm.
Chromed steel
Clock Hands
Madera de wenge y latón pulido
Latón pulido y acero

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