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Axioma Gold Nomon wall clock

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Modern Nomon clock with polished brass box and hands.

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Description Axioma Gold Nomon wall clock

The Nomon signature Axiom Gold clock is a simple and elegant wall clock model.

A perfect clock for the living room, kitchen or office.

The simplicity of the axiom clock makes this model the most minimalist on the market. Decorating a modern wall is now simpler with this fantastic quality wall clock model. Discover the Nomon avant-garde wall clock catalogue. p>

The designs of Nomon's Axiom clocks are recognized for being minimalist and adding a touch of originality. And the Axiom Gold model doesn't stay out of the game as it is very elegant and has a golden color that can certainly attract the eye of anyone who enters the space where this wall clock is used.

It is made of polished brass and completely native to Spain using German technology that makes this design a very quiet and resistant clock.

It has versions with a diameter of 74 cm or 100 cm and is completely portable without having a problem to change its wall location. It is advisable to adapt it to a smooth wall because this design adheres directly to the wall without the use of drilling in place.

How many designs are on the market that are as minimalist as this? You will surely answer: none. When you see Nomon's Axiom what comes to mind is: minimalist wall clock. p>

It also has an avant-garde style that highlights it within other designs add its characteristic color and you have an original wall clock that will give modern sensations to the decoration.

The model only has the box and the needles opting not to include the time signals.

Axiom Gold is another Nomon design that demonstrates the originality that wall clocks can have and the great help they can be when being part of a decoration.

Although this wall clock is minimalist in design, it can be included in classic and modern Nordic decorations. Combine it with cold tone walls or warm dark-colored furniture if you want the clock to be like a spotlight inside the place or light colored furniture so that the clock serves as a balance of light in the space you have decorated. You can place pictures close to the clock but in light colors so that the wall doesn't look saturated.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
74 cm. / 100 cm.
Latón pulido
Clock Hands
Polished brass

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