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Nomon wall clock Merlín 12 gold
  • Nomon wall clock Merlín 12 gold
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Merlín 12 Gold Nomon wall clock

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Stylish wall clock with 12 time signals polished metal finish.

Merlin 12 All Gold
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Description Merlín 12 Gold Nomon wall clock

The Nomon Merlin 12 Gold Clock acquires its name by having twelve pieces of needles made of polished brass as the time signals. Each of these pieces has a shaped design of weights with a cylinder in the center that acts as a grip for the wall.

They are an extremely bright and refractive golden color. The clock handles used to mark the hour and minutes are also made of polished brass with the same bright gold tone. Its concise and pointed shape helps to mark the time with precision. The Nomon Merlin 12 Gold Clock case uses German technology to ensure the correct use of the accessory. It also has a polished gold tone finish.

You can choose between a size of 125 cm or 155 cm. The two being of large proportions to create an impact on the design of any space. The combination of Spanish pieces and German technology results in a clock like this: with the best of designs and excellent quality.

This is an essential design in Nomon as it is one of our most elegant and captivating models since its beautiful colors and impressive size are the ideal addition to places where good taste is noticeable. By its characteristics the Clock Merlin 12 is a fundamental piece that looks great in commercial premises such as cafes and restaurants, even in hotel and office receptions. At the same time it can be placed quietly in a home either the living room, the dining room or perhaps in a room.

The shine of the gold and the delicacy of the pieces create the perfect design for any wall. Placing this clock in spaces where there are tables or granite finishes with furniture and accessories in golden tones definitely creates the perfect design environment.

Wall clock with a diameter of 125 cm. or 155 cm.

The design of the hands and the design of the time signals make this clock a fundamental piece for hotel receptions or commercial premises.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
125 cm. / 155 cm.
Latón pulido
Clock Hands
Latón pulido

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