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Nomon wall clock Merlín 12 i
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Merlín 12 i Nomon wall clock

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Merlin wall clock with 12 chromed time signals and 110 diameter.

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Description Merlín 12 i Nomon wall clock

In the world of interior decoration, the current trend leans towards Scandinavian and minimalist designs based on the use and installation of functional and essential elements where a wall clock is almost indispensable.That is the fundamental reason why Nomon offers us this modern clock whose case is made of chromed steel while the hands of the time signals are painted in red or black white as well as chromed like the box.

In total 12 time signals make up this clock that is 110 centimeters in diameter which has a price appearance both on walls with light tones and those coated in the pastel colors of the Scandinavian style (pink green blue gray nude among others) ).

The signaling elements of the hours have an elongated and thin figure which provides a sophisticated and elegant image that is characteristic of the decorative elements within the minimalist design.

That is why this clock stands out in both comfortable and essential spacious modern flats.

You can install it in a living room, dining room or an office combining it with modern furniture, whether Nordic or minimalist.

As another of the trends in decoration today is conservation and neatness, this clock is self-adhesive; that is, it has a super simple and easy installation mechanism thanks to the tape located on the back of each piece which adheres strongly to the surface avoiding perforations on it.

Both chromed and painted stainless steel have the peculiarity thatthey«re quite durable, so this clock represents an enduring decorative piece that can even be passed down from generation to generation in our family.

That makes the investment even more valuable.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
110 cm.
Chromed steel
Clock Hands
Polished Steel or painted in black, White and red.

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