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Merlín 12 N Nomon wall clock

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Clock wall with 12 time signals chrome and walnut finish, walnut or wenge hands.

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Description Merlín 12 N Nomon wall clock

The Nomon Merlin 12 N Clock is designed with high quality materials that make it durable and help highlight your elegant style. A clock is a functional item that is also used as a decorative element.

In the case of the Nomon Clock. It has 12 time signals so it is very comfortable to read as well as providing a delicate and consistent presence on the wall. This type of wall clock works perfectly with modern decorations and with the Nordic style. The refined and straight lines of the clock combined with its circular contour provide an organic and sophisticated look.

This way it manages to integrate perfectly with decorations that are close to minimalism in terms of furniture arrangement with straight lines and clean soft curves, light colors and luminosity.

Due to the materials with which it is built wood and chrome steel can combine with furniture with different finishes and textures. In addition its dimensions allow it to be the center of attention of an entire wall but without disturbing the harmony providing fluidity character and sophistication.

Nomon's Merlin N clock is built with chromed steel giving it a modern but not cold finish that is complemented by the beauty and colorfulness of the wood. It can have a medium and lightly veined tone if it is the version of the clock worked with American walnut. On the other hand will have a darker tone if it is made with exotic wenge wood.

Both materials come from controlled felling and are handcrafted by hand. Finally, it has a solid mechanism that uses German UTS to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the clock at the time.

The Nomon Merlin 12 N Clock is accurate elegant of great presence and with a minimalist feature that makes it adaptable to different spaces such as a living room or office.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
125 cm. / 155 cm.
Chromed steel
Clock Hands
Walnut wood or wenge.

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