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Nomon wall clock Merlín 4 gold n
  • Nomon wall clock Merlín 4 gold n
  • Nomon Merlín 4 gold n metal and wood wall clock
  • Merlín 4 gold n clock with wooden hands

Merlín 4 Gold N Nomon wall clock

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Wall clock with 12 time signals, polished brass box and wooden hands.

Clock hands
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Description Merlín 4 Gold N Nomon wall clock

The Nomon Merlin 4 Gold N Clock is named after having as its main feature 4 time signals and finished in golden tones. Leaving behind the 12 time signals and reducing them to 4 we are able to reduce the impact of this design (in a good way) by not being overloaded.

This design seeks simplicity and has only what is necessary. These time signals are made of different materials.

The ends are polished brass with a very bright golden color. The rest is made of walnut and has a dark brown color. This combination of dark and bright colors creates a very attractive contrast in our clock.

The case of the Nomon Merlin 4 Gold N Clock is also made of polished brass and the same golden hue. Inside the mechanisms that make it work are made with German technology one of the best when it comes to effective operation and durable of any clock.

The mix between Spanish aesthetic sensibility and advanced German technology results in an attractive clock that in turn has excellent quality and durability. How is the Nomon Merlin 4 Gold N Clock made?

The two handles of the Merlin 4 Gold Clock are made of walnut and its typical dark brown hue. At the same time, the handles have small golden details, two delicate circles made of polished brass at each end to continue with the theme of combining textures.

This wood comes from the controlled felling of trees so we make sure that in addition to getting the best quality we take care of and conserve the environment when our clocks are manufactured. You can choose between two sizes 125 cm or 155 cm.

This is a large-sized wall clock so we believe this piece can complete any space or place

Data sheet

Gold n
Ø Diameter
125 cm. / 155 cm.
Latón pulido
Clock Hands
Walnut wood or wenge.

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