Nomon wall clock Mixto gold n
  • Nomon wall clock Mixto gold n
  • Nomon modern clock Mixto gold n
  • Nomon wall clock Mixto gold n

Mixto Gold N Nomon wall clock

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Wall clock with 8 points and 4 time signals, matte gold metal box and wooden hands.

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Mixto gold n
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Description Mixto Gold N Nomon wall clock

This is the Nomon wall clock made with moisture resistant wood, a polished brass case and innovative design ideal for your home.

Its eccentric design is shown in eight golden points and four hourly signs in fine and quality wood with needles of the same material additionally its brass case has an exact and precise mechanism. The living room will have a focal point of great impact due to its design and unsurpassed size.

The ideal style for this striking wall clock is the current Nordic style thanks to its light color palettes such as gray cream and white which contrast with the pale blue and orange giving the feeling of being in a cool and fresh environment. Quiet.

Your living room will get a significant change when you place the Gold N Mixed Clock on your favorite wall but if you also place it in an open area thatÕs visually suitable for your friends and family you will have the best and most suggestive ornament enhancing the beauty of the room.

In this way your meetings will become more sophisticated and relaxing the moment your friends and family notice the modern and unique design of your simple and elegant decoration combined with the style of your home and the layout you prefer. In the end the wall clock will fit perfectly with the Nordic current and its refined style generating in the environment a sensation of elegance and simplicity that captivates.

The simplicity and elegance of the Gold N Mixed Clock can be seen in its dark wooden hands with soft finishes in the golden details of the time points and in its small internal mechanism manufactured by the best clockmakers for your delight and comfort

Data sheet

Gold n
Ø Diameter
125 cm. / 155 cm.
Latón pulido
Clock Hands
Walnut wood or wenge.

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