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Rodón 12 i Nomon wall clock

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Clock of simple lines, versatile and sober. Version: Rodon 12 i. (12 time points)

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Description Rodón 12 i Nomon wall clock

Even if it seems a complex job decorating the interior of a house with a modern style it is simpler than it seems. To do so, just choose the elements that we will use properly taking into account the trend that today focuses on how versatile essential and functional it is.A clear example of this is this clock with case hands and time signals in chromed stainless steel which meet the three aspects mentioned above because It looks good on walls with neutral colors or pastel colors and fulfills an indispensable function: it tells us the passing of the hours.

The design of this modern clock is lovely because the time signals are identified with small circular buttons that give it a simple and sophisticated touch at the same time. In addition, its hands are quite thin which are in perfect harmony with the elegance of this original piece.The total diameter of the circumference of the clock is 70 centimeters, making it ideal for installation in medium-sized rooms (a living room, dining room or an office) as well as in corridors with good breadth and visibility where it will not be unnoticed. When combined with modern furniture as elegant and sophisticated as its essence, this clock becomes an elementary piece of our decoration.

The best of it is that you can install it yourself without any complications thanks to the self-adhesive tape with which it is firmly fixed to the wall. Even in the business environment this clock is very good especially within the modern and elegant buildings. There you can install it in a corridor with good visibility or in a large office with minimalist or Nordic style taking into account that it is such a functional and decorative element that it simply becomes irresistible.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
70 cm.
Chromed steel
Clock Hands
Polished Steel or painted in black, White and red.

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