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Tacón 12 Gold N Nomon wall clock

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Wall clock with metal and wood finish. Dimensions: Ø 73 cm.

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Description Tacón 12 Gold N Nomon wall clock

Wall clock with rectangular metal time signals that form the structure of the clock on the wall. The case is polished brass and the hands are walnut with golden counterweights .

A wall clock with its twelve rectangular time signals made of metal that mixes the modern and minimalist avant-garde style. Its combination of materials positions it on the market as one of the wall clocks that can be included in various decorations without creating disparity in the chosen style. The Heel 12 Gold N clock case is made of polished brass and its hands are made of walnut obtained from controlled logging.

These needles have golden counterweights that add detail according to the box and time signals. It is not so common to see designs that combine metal with wood and obtain such a delicate and original result. One of Nomon's main objectives is to design models that suit the tastes of those who need these artifacts while maintaining each design with its touch of originality and elegance.

It has a diameter of 100 cm so it is easy to see even in large spaces, being it a good idea to decorate the hall of a hotel an office restaurant or the waiting room of your home.

Its care or cleaning is almost nil and itÕs very easy to perform when needed.

It is largely due to the quality of the materials used for its manufacture. The brass that makes up the time signals is a very difficult metal to corrode and the walnut wood is also durable.

With a wet or dry towel it will be enough to remove the dust that can cover it. Because it's a golden hue you can combine it with a wide range of colors its metallic and bright tone highlights over the others even if the background color is dark.

Combinations such as black / gold red / gold brown / gold pink / gold or navy blue / gold are some of those that can be seen in places whose main motive is to make the place an elegant and modern place.

You can accompany your floral or figures decoration with this model as well as places where you want to provide decorative elements that give brightness or light.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
100 cm.
Gold n
Latón pulido
Clock Hands
Walnut wood or wenge.

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