How can i buy a watch in

It is really easy. Simply register and add the products you want to the shopping cart by clicking on “add to cart”. Once you have added all you want to the shopping cart, press confirm to proceed with the payment and follow the prompts. If you experience any problems please call us, send us an e-mail, contact by skype or msn. You can see our data in the contact section.

Do you have contract deals (catering, hotels, etc.)?

Yes, we work to provide the most competitive prices, but do not hesitate to contact us, as we are specialized in contract.

We have many more products to offer at special prices. Lluesma interiorism works closely with contract companies, catering, hotels...

First, you must identify yourself as a professional. You can tell us by mail your Project and we will present our best offer, technical advice and aesthetics to you.

To register as a professional you have to sign up on the web and then send an e-mail to Put “Professional” in the subject so we can identify it and send us your data (VAT, license card, etc.) to receive preferential and personalized treatment.

Do you have physical store? I would like to see the watches before buying.

Yes, we have a store with 2500 square meters of exhibition in the city of Moncada, Valencia.

We are a company with more than 70 years old. Here you can see some of the watches that we offer online.


For your convenience we offer various forms of payment:

Bank transfer payment.
Paypal payment.
Credit card payment (VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO). We work with "La Caixa", which provides a secure payment gateway (virtual TPV).

How soon deliver?

Delivery times depend if you buy a product from stock or it needs to be manufactured. It also depends on the shipping type selected (mail or UPS) and delivery country.

You can see the delivery of watches at: Delivery 

What do I do if I get a defective watch?

It is strange that you get a defective product, as our suppliers pass rigorous quality controls in their products.
In the event that a product arrives in poor condition, send a mail to 24 hours after discharge. After completing the processing steps we will replace the product at no cost.

Can I cancel or modify the goods once ordered?

You have 3 days period from the date of purchase to modify or cancel the order. Once past that date, the order will follow its normal course with the terms of delivery.

Can I return the watch once received?

If you want to cancel or return an order once delivered, for unrelated issues to Muebles Lluesma, freight costs both outward and return will be billed.

Custom color or measured pieces (all those in which you can select different options within the web) allow return, but it will be billed 30% of the total order, because the special product for the customer is created and then it is impossible to sell it. Also freight costs both outward and return will be billed.

If you want to make a return, contact our customer service by calling 961 390 092.

The aftersales department will take care of all the arrangements for a correct return of your purchase. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization of MUEBLES JULIO LLUESMA SL.

After 7 working days from the delivery date, any change or return is not supported.

What is a "discount voucher"?
Discount vouchers or discount coupons are a great way to save money shopping online.

Sometimes known as promotional coupons, these are special codes to get a discount on the purchase, free postage or gift.

Discount coupons are similar to the vouchers that can be found in newspapers, magazines, promotional leaflets or foodstuff packaging, except that instead of cut with scissors and bring to the store, simply use the code and insert it before finalizing your order.

In these prices it is not included special handling as a crane, hoist, etc.

You must register and create an account to use these vouchers.

The voucher is accompanied by a special code. This code must be entered before finalizing the order.

Click the CART button and you will see your shopping products.

At the bottom of the cart summary, you will see "discount vouchers" code. In that box you must enter the discount code and click ADD.

How assembly clock OJ is done?
Find attached the signs to mount the OJ clock.