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Large sized clock

Large wall clocks for hotels, restaurants or spacious places

The large clocks from Nomon have a particularity that makes them stand out from other clocks of the same type: generally they are much lighter than you would normally think.

The light weight of these clocks is due to the materials they´re manufactured with, that tend to be materials like stainless steel and chromed metal. This gives them a noticeable advantage over any other type of big dimension clocks because they are comfortable to assemble and disassemble from walls and they don´t need high maintenance.

The large wall clocks count with lots of styles for every taste.

If you like minimalist styles, the ideal option would be an OJ Nomon clock. On the contrary, for those who prefer an 80´s style or have a predilection for abstract art, the ideal model would be a Nomon Merlín clock.

You decide what type of large clock you need and Nomon offers the best options.



€450.00 - €1,365.00


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